Although I adjust my therapy style to suit the needs of my clients, I draw primarily from a cognitive behavioral framework.  The foundation of this framework is based on the belief that significant change can happen in people's lives if they are able to learn to change problematic thought processes and behaviors into those that are more helpful and productive at pointing them toward the goals they have and the change they seek. 

As a Christian, my faith influences and permeates every aspect of my work.  Although I'm sensitive to the varying spiritual and religious beliefs of my clients, and only talk about issues of faith when my clients request it, my faith nevertheless defines who I am and gives me the framework from which I view everything.  It gives me a hopefulness that change is possible, that miracles happen, and that what we see isn't always all there is.  My faith affords me an optimism through which I see my clients, and it helps me respond to them and their needs with compassion and hope.

I work with individuals ages 18 and older.  My areas of specialization and interest include anxiety disorders, stress management, adjustments and transitions, relationship and communication challenges, setting healthy boundaries, young adult issues, and pre-marriage counseling.

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