Pre-Marriage Counseling

One way that Cedar Hill Counseling prioritizes relationships is by offering counseling services specifically designed for couples preparing to join their lives in marriage.  Most people, as they prepare for marriage, dream of a vibrant, life-long relationship - one that is built on love, trust, and mutual respect.  One in which they feel valued, heard, and understood.  This kind of lasting, fulfilling marriage can be yours!  But it takes a little knowledge and some skill to master.  

You will likely spend many months and thousands of dollars planning your dream wedding.  In the process, don't forget to plan your dream marriage!  Pre-marriage counseling is such an incredibly important step in building a solid foundation for your life together.  You'll learn skills you can use now, and then perfect as you journey through life together in the years to come.  From clearer communication skills, to handling conflict and differences, to managing finances as a team, you can feel confident as a couple that you have the tools you need to face the road ahead.

Each couple will take the Prepare-Enrich Inventory (a computerized questionnaire) at the beginning of the process.  It covers a range of focus areas proven to be significant in preparing individuals for marriage.  How couples choose to explore the findings of the inventory is up to them, and a few formats are available to meet the varied needs of each couple.

Session-By-Session Pre-Marriage Counseling

$175 per 60-minute session

The number of sessions is at the discretion of the couple, but 3 is usually a minimum.

SESSION Package Deals

5 session package: $750 (save $125)
8 session package: $1,200 (save $200)

The package best suited for each couple is decided upon with the couple at the completion of the first session, and package fees are due in full at that time in order to receive the discounted package rate. Otherwise, session-by-session arrangements apply.

Weekend MARATHONs*

Half Day (8:00am-12:00pm) - $500

Full Day (9:00am-4:00pm) - $750

Uniquely offered to couples in a long-distance relationship or who have scheduling challenges that make multiple sessions impractical. Marathons are offered on Fridays or Saturdays and the fee includes the online inventory, couples workbook, handouts, and refreshments. Full day marathons offer a one hour break for lunch on your own.

Weekend Workshops*

The Standard Package - $275

Offered in a group setting in a home-like environment, workshops are limited to 8 couples and are held on select Saturdays from 9:00am-5:00pm. The standard workshop fee includes the online inventory, couples workbook, handouts, morning and afternoon refreshments, and lunch.


The Deluxe Package - $525

This workshop includes everything offered in the standard package, in addition to two personalized, private couples sessions offered at a 30% discount.  The first session is offered as a follow-up session after the completion of the workshop, and the second is a check-up session a year into marriage.  This package offers a more personalized approach both before and after marriage to make sure things get and stay on track from the very beginning.

 * Pre-approval is required to participate in this format