Relationship Workshops

Cedar Hill Counseling is committed to building healthy relationships of all kinds - whether they are family relationships, friendships, workplace connections, or romantic relationships.  Often some of the most challenging relationships that we navigate are also our most intimate, and it can be difficult to know how to move toward closeness without getting hurt.  Past painful relationships and "baggage" - both our own and those of others - can sometimes make healthy romantic relationships seem impossible. 

So let's learn from those who have spent their careers studying what works.  Knowing what to look for, what is fair to expect, how to recognize red flags, and how to navigate dating relationships (including getting out of them when that's the best option) is crucial to making smart dating choices and avoiding pitfalls that could lead to heartache.  Cedar Hill Counseling offers workshops that are catered to a variety of audiences that are age and situation-specific.

Workshops offered

"Love Thinks: Follow Your Heart Without Losing Your Mind"

  • Middle School & High School Versions ("How To Avoid Falling In Love With A Jerk")
  • College, Young Adult, & Divorce Recovery Versions  ("Love Thinks")